Epilation by Pricella

Pricella Adler, LE is a State of Florida Board Certified Electrologist. She is passionate about offering the safest and most comfortable electrolysis services in the South Florida area. It is her greatest reward to watch clients’ confidence and self-esteem improve dramatically when they permanently remove hair that has been bothering them for years. She is also a licensed Esthetician and will customize treatments using high quality professional skin care products. Pricella has a passion for her work and is dedicated to improving the appearance and well-being of her clients.

We’ll handle Your Skin With Care


In our clean electrolysis studio, clients receive their treatment(s) in a discreet and relaxing atmosphere. Before your first session commences you will receive a private consultation with Pricella regarding your electrolysis desires, expectations, goals, and concerns. Pricella will listen closely to your needs and help you develop an electrolysis treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

FDA Approved

Electrolysis is medically recognized by the FDA as the only method of permanent hair removal. Because the hair root is destroyed by either heat, chemical action, or both the hair does not regrow. Electrolysis is safe and effective for all skin and hair types – and can be used to remove hair from any part of the male or female body.

Latest Equipment

At Epilation by Pricella, we use state-of-the-art Silhouet-Tone electrolysis equipment – ensuring that our client’s electrolysis treatments are more comfortable and effective than ever before. Pricella also constantly stays abreast of the latest developments in electrology techniques and equipment with ongoing continuing education classes.

Such a wonderful, relaxing experience. Fantastic job!!
— Stan Kemp
Great experience. Precella has a great personality. Very clean and professional . I continue to return .😊
— Kathleen Preshong
delighted with her work very professional good electrology
— Thiara Aracena

After your treatment(s) you will finally be free of unwanted hair . . . and done forever with plucking, tweezing, waxing, and shaving.
You will never regret having electrolysis, only that you didn’t do it sooner!

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